Youthful Glow 50% Glycolic Acid Peel with Free Treatment Fan Brush- Full Strength Cosmetic Grade Unbuffered

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About the product
  • Glycolic acid will fade hyperpigmentation/sun damage, acne scars, shrinks enlarged pores, helps with mild acne, fades wrinkles and fine lines, tightens skin.
  • This is 50% unbuffered glycolic acid with a PH of 0.5 – it will penetrate deeper and work faster than buffered acids. Can be used on almost anywhere on the body (except sensitive areas) to lighten/tighten and exfoliate.
  • 1 bottle yields about 15-20 peels – This is considered a “medium peel”, depending on your skin type you will likely flake or peel after 4-6 days after application (if left on long enough)
  • After several glycolic acid treatments, your skin will absorb your creams/serums/masks better! By removing dead skin your skin will absorb your skin treatments better, don’t waste money by applying your creams/lotions to dead surface skin!
  • Kit includes: 1 oz 50% Dermatologist grade glycolic acid, detailed instructions, fan brush

Product description

Skin Smoothing: When applied to the skin, it works to remove dead skin cells and leaves the skin glowing and radiant. Diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Reverses Sun Damage: Glycolic acid can work to soothe sun damaged skin by making wrinkles less noticeable and pronounced. Treats Hyperpigmentation:Splotchy pigmentation, brown marks and age spots are common skin problems, however using glycolic acid peels can help treat these conditions by lightening the skin overall and creating a more even complexion. Helps Smooth Scars: If you have a scar on your face or roughened acne scars, glycolic acid peels can create a more even texture and smooth out keratinized skin, making pits and dents appear shallower. Improves Acne: In most cases, acne can be improved by glycolic acid peels. In a sense, it presses the reset button on your skin and creates a more even texture and balanced surface. So, trying to maintain a balance between oily and dry skin becomes less of an issue. ATTENTION: Please do the proper research to select the proper strength for your skin type, these acids will take 4-5 applications to get the right timing for your skin. Results vary from person to person. STRENGTH RECOMMENDATIONS: Dry/sensitive skin and beginners (who are not overly oily) should not use anything higher than 30-40% strength. Combination to semi-oily skin should start with 40-50% strength. Experienced peel users and/or oily/resistant skin should use 60-70%. All peels can be diluted with water to lessen strength. Acids are unbuffered (PH 1.0) use at your own risk. YOU WILL NEED A SKIN PEEL NEUTRALIZER TO STOP THE SKIN PEEL. This is an acid and when applied to the skin may cause side effects including redness, swelling and peeling. Directions are included with every order and should be followed carefully to ensure safe use of product. Individuals new to skin peels or individuals with sensitive skin are recommended to use the lowest percentage acids and build tolerance to the acids with use.


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